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Why Choose Dream Dance Studios?

There are plenty of dance studios in the Denver Metro Area, all of which have their own unique vision. Here are some reasons why you should take a look at Dream Dance over it's competitors.


  • Dream Dance Studios is more than just dance classes. We strive to create a space where students and parents always feel welcome. A place where students learn more than just dance but also many life skills. We teach leadership, teamwork, and confidence.

  • Dream Dance is a community. We are creating a space where people are supportive of each other inside and outside of the classroom. We hope that our students and parents forge friendships that last a lifetime here. 

  • Dream Dance Studios has the dancers health in mind by creating a dance floor that is supportive and helps to prevent injuries.  Our floor is a "floating" floor, meaning that it has give to it, which is ideal for dance. Athletes need to take care of their bodies, and we designed our floor with that in mind.Many of our competitors have plywood that is sitting on top of concrete, which tends to cause more injuries in dancers. 

  • Our teachers are passionate about teaching. They love what they do and want to share that love with their students. The teachers at Dream Dance Studios also truly care about their students. If their student invites them to their school talent show or play, you bet they will do everything in their power to be there!

  • We want to be a part of your community. Please feel free to always ask for auction items or to bring up ways we can volunteer and help the community!

  • Dream Dance Studios is also a professionally run business. You can expect organization and clear directives regarding all events and typical studio activities. Communication is key to a smooth transaction and you will definitely find great communication here. 

  • Dream Dance Studios is a bully free zone. No bullying in any form will be tolerated.

  • Dream Dance Studios is fairly priced. We will not over exaggerate costume costs or up-charge you on recital tickets. We strive to offer competitive and reasonable tuition costs 

  • We believe in keeping our space clean and professional. You will not find holes in our walls or items cluttering our dance floor. We strive to keep our space clean, which also helps with germs that can easily be spread in this type of environment.

  • Dream Dance Studios always has someone on staff that is CPR/AED certified, we strive to make sure your child is in good hands at all times.

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