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Welcome to Dream Dance Studios!

Hi guys! Welcome to our blog! This space is for a little bit of everything. We will be discussing topics ranging from how to pick the right dance class and what's trending in dance wear to how dance is beneficial to your everyday life. This is a space for creativity, knowledge sharing, and inspiration. So take a look around, hopefully you learn something new and interesting!

Today let's talk about what dance classes can do for you through-out your professional life. Last week we took the last fifteen minutes in the majority of our classes and the students were able to "make up dances". This replaced the time that I usually reserve for choreography. So when the students make up dances, they are broken into small groups. They are given some specific instructions on what skills they should include in their dance and then they are set free to create. During this time students can show off their creativity, take what they've learned during class and put it together into something they can call their own. So what does this have to do with a professional career?

Let's break down what the general life skills you use while creating a group dance with your fellow classmates. The first, very obvious skill, would be team work. You have to work with the other people in your group to create something cohesive. This is a skill that you have to use in everyday life. Whether it be during class when you have to complete a group assignment or in your professional life when you must come together with your co-workers to complete a project. The nice thing about using your group skills in dance is that there is no pressure. There is no grade or expectation about what you are required to do. Creating a group dance with your fellow classmates is all about having fun and learning to work together is a very low risk environment.

Another skill that students learn during dance class would be presentation skills. Once the group has created their dance they then show this creation to their fellow classmates as well as the instructor. This is a very small, easy going, performance. There are so many ways that you "perform" through-out your professional life. These performances come in the form of interviews, auditions, sales, and even dating. This is another example of how dance creates a stepping stone for students to reach their full potential as active members of society. In this forum students don't have the intense pressure that comes with interview or sales calls, the can explore their personality and what works for them without the anxiety that often accompanies these stressful situations.

The last skill that I am going to mention today is that of time management. When students create their dance they have to manage their time effectively in order to come up with something to perform at the end of class. They have to communicate efficiently with one another so that they can find a way to start their dance, include the skills that they are required to show, add in some creativity, and finally end their dance. In only ten minutes or so that is a lot to ask of a group that has three to five kids. Students quickly learn how to communicate and make decisions in a short time span which definitely is a great skill to have in any workplace. Most importantly they learn this skill in a (let's say it together now) low risk environment.

They ways in which dance can impact an individual's life are far and vast. These skills and often times friendships that you acquire while in dance class last a lifetime. So go out and try a class, whether you are a kid just wanting to have fun or an adult looking for something to do, dance is always a positive way to impact your life!

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