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Makeup For the Stage

Recital is just around the corner and many times, there are questions about makeup! Whether you’ve never worn make up or wear it all the time, here are some tips on stage makeup.

The main goal of stage makeup is to define features on your face because without it, your face cannot be seen. Applying dark makeup around the eyes, lots of blush, and bright lipstick accomplish this.

Starting with the eyes, eyeliner and mascara work best! Using liquid eyeliner, apply it along the top of the eye. Then you apply mascara, but if you want to go even bigger, use fake eyelashes. Fake eyelashes really thicken and darken the eyes making them appear larger making them really pop. If you’re wanting to add even more, feel free to wear eye shadow, but be sure to not choose a color that is not too bright or one that clashes with the costume. With that in mind, I would recommend avoiding pinks, greens, and blues.

Next, the blush, which is simple enough. Remember, apply more than usual because people will be seeing your face from many feet away, so it’s okay to look somewhat clownish. While on stage there are many bright lights shining right at you, which can easily and often make your face ghost like. Wearing blush brings color to your face and keeps you from looking too ghostly, so don’t be shy when putting it on.

And lastly, the lipstick. Red lipstick works great because it is bold and bright, and any other color could easily be washed out by the lights. Wearing that bright lipstick defines your lips which is very important because the audience wants to be able to see your beautiful smile on stage.

Of course, you can add whatever you like to these tips, they are just the very basics and the must haves. Just remember it is important to have makeup so the audience can see your face and your facial expressions. I hope this was helpful and if you follow these tips I’m sure you’ll look great on stage!

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