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Why Dance Classes Are The Perfect After School Activity

As any good parent knows, after school activities are an absolute must for kids. With the school session just a few weeks away, now is the time for parents to start figuring out which programs are right for their youngsters. While there are many wonderful options to choose from, dance classes are always a popular choice–and for good reason! Not only do dance classes keep kids active and occupied, they provide a variety of lasting benefits. So what makes dance classes the perfect after school activity? Here are a few reasons why dance classes rock, and why your son or daughter will love them (and so will you)!

Fosters Socialization

Dance classes provide the perfect environment for kids to socialize with one another and practice their interpersonal skills.It is an inherently team-centered activity that requires children to work in a group setting and emphasizes unity. Thus, children get the chance to learn, flounder, and flourish together–the ultimate way to bond with their peers and develop good communication skills.

Builds Self-Confidence

If your child seems to lack self-confidence, dance classes may be the solution. Dance classes allow children to feel more in-tuned with their bodies and eventually more comfortable in their own skin. Being able to gracefully stretch and move their limbs, master difficult dance routines, and show off their skills during recitals will promote feelings of pride and empowerment, leading to a confident, happy child. And all parents can agree there’s nothing better than that!

Provides Structure and Discipline

In order to be successful in life, it’s no surprise that lots of practice, discipline, and focus is needed, no matter what the endeavour. Luckily, kids dance classes provide a foundation for children to learn those essential skills, which will benefit them throughout their entire lives. Its structured environment, emphasis on self-improvement and use of gentle, constructive criticism provide kids with just what they need to shine, both on and off the stage.

Promotes Healthy Habits

It’s important for a child to be as active as possible during their critical developmental years. Dance is one of the easiest ways children can exert physical energy and get some exercise, all the while having fun in the process. When it comes to an after school activity that is both physical and enjoyable, kids dance classes are where it’s at!

Something For Everyone

Dance classes are one of the most diverse after school activities with plenty of different options for everyone. From jazz to hip hop to ballet, your kid is sure to find a class that interests them and matches their unique personality. Best of all, dance classes are suitable for almost all ages, from toddlers to teens and everyone in between!

If you’re still not convinced dance classes are all around amazing, dont worry... we’ve saved the best for last. Apart from the social, physical, and emotional benefits dance classes offer, they also provide a great support network. With caring, passionate dance teachers like the ones you’ll find at Dream Dance Studios, your child will thrive under our guidance and care. Our dance instructors love serving the children of Lakewood community and helping them finetune their dancing genes. To us, dance classes aren’t just an after school activity; they’re so much more than that. Find out what makes our dance classes so unique by enrolling your child in one our kids dance classes today!

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