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What to Expect Before Your First Class: Creative Movement

Creative movement, our class for kids 3-5, is typically the first step (pun fully intended) in a kid’s dance education. Less formal than your traditional ballet class this gives new dancers an opportunity to get comfortable in a studio environment and learn the basics before moving onto more traditionally structured instruction. The dress code is less strict than our other classes, ballet shoes, clothes you can move around in and hair off the face, but most kids prefer the leotard. In fact, shopping for the leotard and the tights and the shoes is a huge part of the fun of being a dancer. You can expect your dancer might want to wear her outfit for the days leading up to class and has to be talked into normal street clothes after. Skipping like a bunny, traditional dance stretches, and silly conversation can be expected in creative movement. Parents are always welcome to stay and watch, learning to be a dance parent is a experience in of itself! Don’t forget the camera for those “first day” photos!

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