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Dance Costumes as Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming, and that means candy, tricks, and the perfect Halloween costum. Being a dancer gives you a great head start on creating an unique costume, you probably already have most of the pieces in your closet! Read on for creative ways to turn your dance costumes into Halloween costumes!

Emojis are so popular this year they even got their own movie! This costume is perfect for you and your bestie, all you need is a black leotard, black ballet flats, and bunny ears.

Here’s another easy emoji costume to create! Just reuse any red dance costume, pair with red sneakers and ball step change or treat!

Take your favorite leotard dress and add a pair of wings. Don’t forget a bag of glitter- I mean fairy dust.

Layer a white sleevless leotard over a brown long sleeve shirt, add buttons and dream of summer!

What are you wearing for Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments! Don't forget, you can wear your costume to class starting October 24!

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