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What is "Stage Makeup"?

Dancers use their body as well as their face to tell a story. Facial expressions are key to conveying emotion, and adding fun to a performance. However, Bright stage lights and distance from the stage can make those features and expressions harder to see for the audience. That's why dancers use Stage makeup to help add to their performance!

What is stage makeup?

Stage makeup is makeup created to wear during a performance. Bright stage lights tend to wash dancers’ facial features out. Stage makeup helps to redefine those features as well as give dancers a similar look.

How is stage makeup different from everyday makeup?

Stage makeup is often heavier and more pigmented than everyday makeup, as it’s meant to be seen from a distance and not face to face. While stage makeup can appear dramatic, that is exactly the purpose. We want the audience to be able to see all the facial expressions!

Stage makeup basics

A base should be used to even out dancers' skin tone and help with any shadows cast on stage. Dancers should use a foundation close to their own skin color. Blush can also be applied to make dancers look glowing and healthy. Have dancers smile, and apply blush to the highest points of their cheeks. Next, eyeshadow should be applied. Eyeshadow will help draw attention to the eyes and make them appear larger. Dancers can choose a shade that is complimentary to their eye color, or have fun and match their costume! Mascara is also key to making dancers eyes appear larger and more "awake". Two coats can be applied to curled eyelashes, or older dancers may choose to use false eyelashes. Lastly, finish off with a lipstick. Lips should be a bold color to stand out. A helpful tip is to blot the lipstick with tissue, then re-apply for extra staying power during those long performance days!

Is stage makeup safe for young dancers?

Stage makeup is perfectly fine for younger dancers, as long as it’s applied in a sanitary matter. Dancers should always wash their face after wearing any makeup, but especially after a performance since makeup is likely mixed with sweat and bacteria.

Here at Dream Dance Studios we prefer to use clean and cruelty free makeup. Some clean cruelty free makeup brands we can recommend are:

Burt’s bees, E.L.F, BITE beauty, RMS beauty. While many other brands are not entirely cruelty free or naturally derieved, they do offer specific products that are!

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