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We’ve got some very helpful tips on how to kick off your Dance Season successfully and with style!

Firstly, every dancer should have a dance bag. Even if you’re taking one class a week, a Dance Bag can help with overall organization which contributes to a successful dance season.

Check out a couple of these trendy Dance Bags we’ve found

Dansbagz Flip Sequin Heart Duffle Bag


Discount Dance Supply

DansBagz “Dance Bright” Gear Duffle Bag


Discount Dance Supply

Once you have your perfect Dance Bag, what do you put in it?

Ballet Dancers:

· Tights

· Leotard

· Ballet Shoes

· Pointe Shoes (if en pointe)

· Extra elastic and ribbons

Jazz Dancers:

· Dance Pants (leggings, tights or shorts)

· Jazz Shoes

· Knee Pads (if needed)

Hip Hop Dancers:

· Dance Pants (leggings, sweats, shorts – NO JEANS!)

· Sneakers & socks

· Knee pads (if needed)

Every Dancer:

· Hairbrush

· Hair Ties

· Bobby pins

· Hairspray

· Deodorant (if you’re older)

· Bandaids

· Healthy Snack

· Water Bottle

Dance Clothes are also very important to a not only successful dance season but also a productive one!

Check out these ‘Perfect for Practice’ yet stylish Dance Clothes Ideas for your Dance Bag and Wardrobe!

Kaleidoscope Leotard

Child: $26.95

Adult: $30.95

Dancewear Solutions

Marbleized Paint Leotard

Child: $35.95

Adult: $39.95

Dancewear Solutions

Kandi Kouture Two-Tone Criss Cross Tank


Discount Dance Supply

Hip Hop Harem Pants

Child: $27.95

Adult: $31.95

Dancewear Solutions

Or even some cool sneakers to go with those stylish moves for Hip Hop class!

“Omnia” Knitted Sneakers


Discount Dance Supply

Sequin High Top Sneakers


Discount Dance Supply

All of these Back to Dance Essential tips are surely to help you have the most successful Dance Season Yet!

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